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Mari Ringsaker

Artist and psychologist

My name is Mari Ringsaker, I live in Oslo, Norway. I combine my two passions in working as a psychologist and as a painter. Painting helps me relax and unwind. When I paint the hours fly by and time stops existing. I'm self taught and find great joy and excitement in exploring and experimenting. I'm mostly inspired by emotions and experiences, nature and other artist. 

In my paintings I try to capture moods through different colors, motifs and textures, mostly in the form of abstract landscapes. I have never been a fan of provocative art, but I would rather try to communicate good feelings like joy, satisfaction, calm, curiosity and hope. 

I wish to make art that can inspire and give good associations to memories, places, adventures and possibilities. My hope is that you through this site can find an artwork that can inspire a little bit of these feelings in you every day.