Mari Ringsaker

My name is Mari Ringsaker, I'm an Oslo based artist and psychologist. I combine my two passions in working as a psychologist and as a painter. In my view art and psychology is profoundly intertwined, as they're different ways of exploring the human experience and emotions. When I paint it's like time stops existing for a while, and it's when I feel the closest to myself. In my paintings I try to capture emotions and moods through different colors, motifs and textures, mostly in the form of abstract landscapes. My process is completely intuitive and captures my own inner landscape in the moment I'm painting. Working on one piece for several days, weeks or months I create layer upon layer reflecting different emotions. This process results in every piece telling a unique affective story. 

Through my own process I wish to connect to your emotions as a viewer. I aim for my work to be able to inspire and spark your own deeply personal associations to memories, places, adventures and possibilities. My hope is that through owning a piece of my art I'll be able to inspire a little bit of these feelings in you every day.

I'm self taught and I've made it a point to never take an art class. I find the freedom of being able to explore freely without any rules or guidelines is what gives me the most joy. I also find that it's much easier to get in touch with my own emotions and inner states this way. What inspires me is most often my own emotions, the beauty of nature, and the works of other artists. I'm especially inspired by the amazing works of swedish artist Sabina Von Essen.