1,350.00 NOK

"" art poster. 

This artwork 

Limited edition: Art posters are limited to 50 ex per size. 

Quality: This poster is printed on sustainable paper with a matte finish. It's printed on a thick paper of high quality. The poster is printed with pigmented ink in 10 different colors, which secures a saturated print in high resolution.

Frames: The frames are hand made by illux.dk, and come with real glass. Note that for sizes over 100x70 cm plexiglass is used. 

Shipping: Shipping costs 100 or 500 NOK depending on the size.

Customs: Posters are sent custom free within Norway and the EU. 

Sustainability: The paper originates from forests which are managed according to a long list of social and environmental criterias. Among other things one criteria is that no more trees are felled than what the forest is able to reproduce. See illux.dk to learn more about sustainability.